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What I learned being a cadet for two years

Steven Song | October 1, 2016

I joined the MSHVFAS when I was 16 as a cadet and I rode along during my junior and senior years of high school. The first aid squad has provided me with skills and

lessons that I honestly didn’t expect. 

How to communicate better

When I first joined the squad, I was shy and had trouble talking to people. My position at the squad helped me overcome this. Over the weekends, we generally rotate crews and this allowed me to meet new people every week. Learning to communicate better and more openly with my crewmates directly translated into my patient care. In any emergency situation, communication is crucial to providing efficient and effective care. I developed the communication skills necessary for being an EMT at the first aid squad.

How to work on a team

My second year at the squad, I changed my shift and started riding on Wednesday nights. Going into that I was nervous. At first I was anxious riding with a new team, but on the first night they made me feel included. They talked to me not like some stranger but like a member of the crew. From the first call I could tell they knew each other very well; they ran like a well- oiled machine. Everyone knew what was expected of them and they just did it. They helped me figure out my role on the team and they became my friends. Maybe it was from the weekly dinners or the relatively quiet nights, but imagine: I’m an 18-year-old, making friends with people with kids my age. Everyone at the first aid squad is welcoming, friendly and wants to be there (we are volunteers after all!) and being a member is so rewarding.

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