Cadets are a vital part of our organization and we are happy to have them working on our crews, responding to 9-1-1 EMS calls, and volunteering in our community. 


The application process for 2021/22 is now closed. Sophomores and juniors can apply in the fall of 2022. Watch this page for updates and details. 



  • High school freshman, sophomore, or junior during the 21/22 school year. Students need not attend Millburn High School but must be a resident of Millburn Township or the child of an active squad member. 

  • Age 16 or older by the second Monday in July, roughly. (State requirement for EMT school. The exact date varies annually.)

  • Able to ride a four-hour shift, either after school or in the evenings, on the same weekday every week. 

  • Able to ride one 12-hour Saturday day shift every 10-12 weeks.

  • Able to attend EMT school with perfect attendance (another state requirement).

  • Vaccinated for COVID-19

History and Membership

​The Millburn Short Hills First Aid Squad Cadet Program began in 2008 when we accepted our first four cadet EMTs as new members. Cadets must be fully trained EMTs and maintain a CPR certification. They volunteer between four and 16 hours per week as part of our squad’s schedule, respond to 9-1-1 EMS calls, wear the squad uniform and work under the direct supervision of a crew chief. Cadet membership requires training, dedication to the community, and a serious commitment to the squad. Our cadets receive their ongoing training with our adult members. If you still have questions, take a look at the FAQs. The email address for our cadet advisers is


Student Members 

Student members are college students who have graduated from high school and are 18 or older. They ride when they are home during school breaks or, if they live locally, when their class schedule allows. Though high school seniors are not eligible to apply to be cadets, they can apply to be student members when they graduate. All MSHVFAS members are required to be EMTs.


2018-19 Cadets


A group of cadets participating in a vehicle extrication drill with the Millburn Fire Department